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Feeling down today ? welcome my friend to the world of cuteness, Come and play kawaii potato rescue and let this collection of kawaii cute vegetables warm your heart.

A folk of super kawaii vegetables surviving through the monstrous jungle to rescue rest of their cutie pies.

Start with the main cute potato, earn points and rescue your fav kawaii avatar till you reach the cutest of them all, the legendary kawaii potato, everyone's favorite ^^


❤ 11 Kawaii characters ( squishy vegetables OuO )
* Cute potato : little scared face, main avatar, first one to start the rescue mission with.
* Halloween princess : the pumpkin pretty girl with the aegyo move, so adorable that u want to give her a hug.
* Toma : the grumpy tomato with the sharp look, determined to save them all.
* Bell : OMG the korilakkuma bell peppers, Innocent, worth your hugs OuO .
* Avocado chan : kawaii overload. lovely girl, you will wish to have her rescued first !
* Mr.lotas : the man of the game, all vegetables senpay with his charming mustache. lol
* Onion chan : the kawaii little sister, that turns a bad day to a happy one just by looking at her cute smile *^*
* Apel : an apple ? oops this a fruit... but a kawaii one xD u'll get why he is in, after u witness his kitty adorable face ;)
* Cheesy : the square cheese, fat to move but fit to pass, you will feel the taste of it i promise.
* Eggplant kun : the cute teenager, handsome for a reason and full of energy, all vegetables hero :p
* Kawaii potato : cuteness overload level over 9000 (potatoes gonna potate), i'm gonna squish this chewy tato to death OuO
❤ 82 Unique levels - Endless fun game
* Amusing world of jungle, hard to survive for too long, cute cartoon - chibi graphics. U will enjoy the game to the fullest, especially if you are an otaku or japanese anime fan !
❤ Leaderboard :
* compete with other kawaii potato rescue users, show off your best scores and trend the leaderboard !
❤ Share button :
* share the game with your friends and reveal the cuteness even more ^^

----- Kawai Potato, The most cute rescue mission to save vegetables ancestry.

Kawaii Potato = tato : is a character originally created by Shun ♥


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